Old skool 4 life !!!!

this is the perfect pic in my eyes

riding you’re home built chopper the one that you build with your brothers, the one you spend hours and hours on blood sweat and tears to a chopper event without giving a fuck about anything bring a tarp and a sleeping bag, load up some beer en lay next to YOUR chop!!!

Waking up from a freaking awfull night sleep and still laughing because of al the fun you’ve had last  night all of us where as  wet as fuck because of the grass


we went on a 300-400 km ride (i dont remember hahah) just an hour ride over the dutch bourder(ofzo to the 1000 hills run a great event for the at home builder you’ll look your eyes out (a dutch saying) great bikes all over the terrain old stuff and the most beautifull one also

Keep on smiling brothers and keep on riding your ass off and see you at the next one !!!!