Shovel time!!!!

francis was rocking a original shovel for a long time in a nice chopper going on trips to neverland….

till last year at the ride out to party animal rene, the old beast just gave up francis was shocked that his old trusty engine just let him stand next to the road.


Francis thaught it was just some gauskets and a valve adjustment that would make her happy again but no… a melted piston, a crankshaft that was out of balance and fuckered bearings, those things dont make a engine happy hahahaha

Gert jan the owner of laseur motoren in almere wich is close to out club house a true proffesional in his job, got it al sorted out and fixed and put it back to getter TODAY!!!!  Can’t wait to hear this beauty purrrr again.

With the help of some S&S parts this oldy should run like new

ain’t she a beauty !!!!!

Lots of respect to francis who is still putting the effort in this engine wich he is riding for over 25 years !!!